Why Choose WEM Civil

For 65 years, we have been operating in the knowledge
that our actions today create a better tomorrow.
We deliver as promised.
This drives our purpose. This is our legacy.

We Deliver

We create solutions and deliver each project with an unwavering commitment to our clients.

We Create Better Futures

Every project is an opportunity to be a part of a solution that creates a better future for our people, our environment and the communities in which we live, work and play.

We Are Driven by Values

Our four values of Team, Customer First, Trust and Legacy are deeply embedded into the fabric of who we are. These values drive our culture and our commitment to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Our Commitments

Our commitment to safety, the environment and governance, underpins our delivery of the best outcomes for each and every project we run. Our carefully crafted policies and procedures support an optimal working environment.


The safety of our team is our highest priority. It is the cornerstone of all initiatives and processes deployed across our business.

Environment and Sustainability

Our environmental and sustainability policies are designed to reduce our impact and carbon footprint.


We prioritise resilience and integrity, ensuring robust corporate governance that aligns with our high standards.

Quality Assurance

Our integrated approach to quality assurance, reflects our unwavering dedication to achieving high standards of performance and excellence in all aspects of our business. Quality is embedded in our culture and upheld through our business:

  • "Raising the bar" in terms of the quality of our work, how it is presented and the effectiveness of our construction

  • Demonstrated high ethical standards

  • We care about our workers

  • Loyalty to our suppliers

  • We strive for long term commitment of our workers

  • Focus on remarkable customer service

  • High standards to reduce the recurrence of defects and rework

  • Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction through our continuous improvement cycle

  • Quality is also assured through third party verification and certification

Leading the Industry through Technology

WEM Civil is at the forefront of technological advancement within the civil contracting industry.

Enterprise wide transformation has enabled us to integrate emerging technologies and leverage information processes, positioning us as influential industry leaders. Our specialised technology systems and equipment allow us to provide clients with superior service and results.

A key advancement is our use of 12D Modelling by our skilled surveying team, who create 3D models of existing and designed infrastructure, to ensure construction safety and efficiency around existing services and assets.

Propellor Drone Survey technology allows us to conduct detailed surveys without physically accessing job sites. Providing accurate and up to date information for informed decision making, our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technology and innovation translates into enhanced performance, reliability and results for our clients.