At WEM Civil, we base our operations on robust corporate governance.
Our systems, policies and procedures reflect our high standards in all areas, fostering resilience, integrity and exemplary behaviour among our people and the environments in which we operate.

Our governance system and Code of Business Conduct ensures that we:

  • Uphold proper and ethical business practices consistently

  • Account for the decisions we make to our community, customers and the government

  • Actively participate in upholding a safe work environment

  • Use resources responsibly and efficiently

Corporate Governance Framework

Our governance principles outline our operating standards and specify the control and reporting mechanisms and requirements that govern our business.

Our principles, integrated across all of our systems, processes and practices, ensure that we comply and are accountable for our actions. Internationally benchmarked and certified in relevant areas of the business including Work Health and Safety, Environment and Sustainability and Quality Assurance, our principles lead our Integrated Management System approach.


Advisory Board

To uphold the vision, strategies and standards set by the board and our senior leadership team, WEM Civil has appointed an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board holds our senior leadership team accountable for achieving strategic goals and provides guidance on key business practices.

Our Advisory Board oversees our corporate governance compliance. Our board is responsible for leading and managing our business affairs to the highest of standards, supporting the progress and long-term success of the business.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct offers comprehensive guidance, for all who work for and with us, explaining how we implement our commitments and values in a practical way in compliance with established standards and procedures.

The Code outlines expectations and standards of behaviour on a range of issues including:


  • unethical business practices
  • human rights and modern slavery
  • equal opportunity
  • safe workplace environments
  • conflict of interest
  • employee safety and wellbeing

Financial Governance

WEM Civil conducts a thorough business and financial audit annually, undertaken by our Audit and Advisory Partner, HLB Mann Judd. We adhere to the principle of paying for services provided by suppliers and subcontractors on time. Maintaining strict compliance with all superannuation, tax and statutory requirements, we consistently meet our deadlines without exception.