Environment and Sustainability

Just as we shape the Earth to create a better future, we keep a firm eye on ensuring that our approach is supported by good practices and reflective of our impact.

Our Approach

We are committed to continually improving our sustainability practices and taking appropriate environmental measures to conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy consumption.

We develop a project management plan with environmental strategies at the start of each project to protect as much flora and fauna as possible. We use sustainable products within our projects wherever possible; recycled pavement materials, green pipes, green concrete, recycled asphalt and many more.

Additionally, we have reduced our carbon footprint through the use of digital pre start checklists and online inductions. Our policies and practices ensure a focus on innovation, the environment, our partnerships and our long lasting industry reputation, which has been painstakingly built.

WEM Civil continues to ensure that the delivery of our portfolio of services in residential, industrial, infrastructure and open space civil contracting projects not only meeting industry demand but also, regulated standards.

Sustainability initiatives embedded within our business:

Head Office that achieves a 5-star NABERS Energy Base Building rating.

Construction sites powered by solar instead of diesel and using green concrete to reduce carbon emissions.

Installation of water recycling pumps on site to save water.

Use of green pipes, asphalt and densely graded basecourse comprising recycled materials to reduce consumption and waste.

Pre-construction ecological plan developed at the start of each project to save as much flora and fauna as possible.

Hydro-seeder machines and reuse topsoil to regrow vegetation.

Manufacture our own sandstone subbase on site to reduce freight pollution.

Contain and remediate contaminants such as asbestos.

Equip all our site managers with emergency environmental kits to control hazardous spills.

Rigorous reporting and review processes to ensure continuous improvement.

Advancing our impact through technology

The implementation of advanced technology throughout our business has helped in reducing our carbon emissions. Our digital pre-start checklists, forms and online inductions, have all contributed to reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, we prioritise recycling and reusing working technology, computers, and equipment until the end of their life cycle, disposing of any unwanted e-waste through Greenbox E-Waste.