“Big Machine Day” makes a booming impact at Forest Reach

In a memorable display of community engagement, in partnership with Stockland, WEM Civil recently hosted the highly anticipated “Big Machine Day” for the first time.

The event, held at our site in Forest Reach, brought together families and individuals eager to get an up-close look at the impressive machinery that plays a vital role in shaping our communities.

The local Gawura Aboriginal Corporation welcomed the event by performing a Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country with traditional dance.

With a strong focus on education, the event held an array of activations, including Junior Tradies, sand play and Kozi and Pinky Face Painting. WEM Civil also showcased a variety of heavy construction equipment. Children and adults alike marvelled at each machine’s sheer size and power, igniting an infectious sense of excitement.

Patrons had the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of operating these massive machines. The immersive learning experience left a lasting impression on attendees, with many expressing newfound admiration for the skill and precision required of construction professionals.

Holly Leikvold, Marketing Specialist of WEM Civil, emphasized the significance of the event “Big Machine Day is not only an opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities as a company, but also inspire an interest in construction and machinery at a young age for the next generation of engineers and operators.”  

With such a positive response, it is no doubt that future iterations of this event will continue to inspire and engage individuals of all ages, opening doors to exciting possibilities in the world of construction and engineering.

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